We could think of no better place to give our kids a head start in life.  Our two sons attended Growing Light Montessori School for a combined eight years—from pre-school through all-day Kindergarten.  It was amazing to watch them grow from timid toddlers into confident leaders in the classroom thanks to Growing Light’s brilliant program and supremely talented teachers.

We are so thankful for how our children were safely embraced, nurtured, supported, and encouraged to grow by the teachers. Our children were excited to go to school and learn new things each day.  They developed very strong academic skills as well as invaluable life skills like how to use their words to communicate with their teachers and fellow students.

The combination of the Montessori teaching methods and philosophy, along with the extraordinarily talented teachers, has allowed our children to excel both academically and personally.  We feel like we received tremendous value for the investment we made in our sons’ education at Growing Light.  Thank you so much Growing Light Montessori!

Kristiann & Erik Asarian

All three of our children have now graduated from Growing Light Montessori! Our boys are now 15, 10, and 6 years-old and we have absolutely loved being a part of this early development program since the beginning years of this school. We have had the opportunity of watching Growing Light’s successful growth and have witnessed many families and their children benefit from this educational experience. Our children have walked into elementary school not only extremely academically prepared, but also with problem solving skills for social, mental, and emotional success. Children at montessori do not have class separated by age, but instead have experiences gained by mingling alongside children of all ages, thus learning to look up to others plus the important skill of being a good leader and example. Children here learn to respect the earth and study cultures and people. They learn how to be friends and say sorry. They study math and language as well as everyday practical skills. Perhaps the greatest thing we have appreciated all the years we have been involved is simply having the confidence that where our children are spending their day is an environment of love. The owners and all the teachers at this school have genuine, beautiful hearts and are committed to offering the children the absolute best experience in early childhood development. 

The Bluth Family
Growing Light Montessori School has provided our son with an enriched environment that has allowed him to grow and blossom at his own pace. We have loved the breadth and depth in his learning.  He constantly surprises us with his knowledge and exposure to poetry and literature, science, geography, math, yoga, reading, household tasks, social skills and the list goes on.  We have loved watching his progress over the last three years at Growling Light.
The Greenwell Family

“The best decision we have made regarding our son, Sawyer, was enrolling him at Growing Light Montessori.  He attended 2 preschool years and his Kindergarten year under the supervision of four wonderful mentors – Mrs. Stafford, Mrs. Harrigan, Mrs. Probst and Mrs. DeBothelo.  He began as a shy little boy who flourished in the Montessori program and grew into a young man with leadership skills, sense of structure and a motivation to learn. We cherish the friendships we made through the Growing Light community and highly recommend this school for your child.”

The Schlopy Family – Todd, Pamela & Sawyer

The Schlopy Family

“Growing Light Montessori for Kindergarten has jump-started my 3 children not only academically but more importantly in their social, emotional, and moral development. Their confidence at this age skyrocketed because they could be a nurturer and a leader to the younger children in the morning preschool as they learned and taught communication skills to their younger friends. With the afternoon kindergarten class, the academics are strongly encouraged and supported and includes hands-on learning in science. The problem solving and social experience they learned through extremely loving and nurturing teachers has helped them navigate through some tough social situations in elementary school. Growing Light Montessori truly has been a light in our family and ignited a light for learning that I hope will carry on throughout their life.”

Kristi Phillips

Our Family would like to express sincere gratitude and thanks for four amazing years at your school. It is hard to believe our time has come to leave, and since you have become like family to all of us, but most dearly to our only child Mia, moving on will be bittersweet.

We are so proud of what Mia has accomplished during her years at Growing Light. We had little knowledge of Montessori Education and when we were fortunate enough to find your school we still weren’t sure if we were ready to put Mia in a program at 3 years old. The friendly and nurturing environment, as well as an obvious educational surrounding, convinced us that it would in her best interest to spend time with other children if even for a few mornings a week. Little did we know that she would show us how capable, independent, and respectful a 3-year-old can be. She has gone from learning real-life tasks, wonderful social skills, and what our world is all about, to completing Kindergarten with amazing Reading, Writing, and Math skills. Keeping her at Growing Light for her Kindergarten year was the best decision we could have made and I believe that the confidence and leadership skills she has developed during her last year with you will benefit her for life.

As parents, we too have learned so much from this experience. Thank you for showing us how to let Mia be independent and to do for herself when she is able. Your guidance, support, and knowledge have meant more than you will ever know. I asked Mia today what she will miss most after graduating from Growing Light. She said “EVERYTHING”! I can honestly say that Brent and I feel the same way. Mrs. Harrigan, Mrs. Stafford, Mrs. deBotelho, and Mrs. Martin, thank you for everything you have done for our family and thank you for giving Mia the “Best Start” in school she could have ever asked for.

We will Truly miss you!

The Merrills
Mia, Tanya, & Brent

The Merrills

Thank you for our amazing experience for the past six years at your wonderful school. When we enrolled our children in your program, we knew that Montessori teaching was a proven method. But, our expectations were exceeded beyond our dreams when both our boys continue to excel above in all areas of academic, social, and artistic realms.

While at Growing Light, our children received nurturing from teachers whom we consider an extension of our family — they complete our circle. They also provided our children with a comfortable learning environment which helped command exceptional manners and behaviors that are rewarded daily throughout their community.

My third grader has taken these skills to public school and has shown his abilities through accelerated reading, writing, math, citizenship and school performances, to name a few. In asking our son, Nate, what his favorite part of Growing Light Montessori was he replied, “the workbooks and the pets and the teachers are awesome mom!” Nate auditions for every school performance and consistently plays the lead in stage productions that include dance, vocal solos, and speaking parts. 
My six-year-old son, Chase, is currently finishing kindergarten at your school and is thriving. He is on the 6th and last workbook and is writing the whole thing in cursive just to challenge himself. He is in the 2,000’s for his number roll which they have to unravel outside because it’s too long to fit into the classroom! Chase is devouring the books he reads out loud and also loves to bury himself in a chapter book every week. I am thrilled that Chase was able to attend kindergarten at Growing Light Montessori. The higher learning education that Mrs. Martin brings to the program is limitless and she has enabled Chase to take what he has learned to new heights.

Mrs. Stafford, Mrs.Harrigan, and Mrs. Martin have each in their unique ways helped to complete our children in our eyes. We will always remember these special women and all of the unconditional love that they were able to give to our children. 
I will end this letter by quoting Chase. When he was five, we asked him who his best friend was, and he said, “I am my own best friend.” For us, as parents, that sums up what Montessori is all about. Thank You Forever!

The Boyd Family




The Boyd Family