Thank you for our amazing experience for the past six years at your wonderful school. When we enrolled our children in your program, we knew that Montessori teaching was a proven method. But, our expectations were exceeded beyond our dreams when both our boys continue to excel above in all areas of academic, social, and artistic realms.

While at Growing Light, our children received nurturing from teachers whom we consider an extension of our family — they complete our circle. They also provided our children with a comfortable learning environment which helped command exceptional manners and behaviors that are rewarded daily throughout their community.

My third grader has taken these skills to public school and has shown his abilities through accelerated reading, writing, math, citizenship and school performances, to name a few. In asking our son, Nate, what his favorite part of Growing Light Montessori was he replied, “the workbooks and the pets and the teachers are awesome mom!” Nate auditions for every school performance and consistently plays the lead in stage productions that include dance, vocal solos, and speaking parts. 
My six-year-old son, Chase, is currently finishing kindergarten at your school and is thriving. He is on the 6th and last workbook and is writing the whole thing in cursive just to challenge himself. He is in the 2,000’s for his number roll which they have to unravel outside because it’s too long to fit into the classroom! Chase is devouring the books he reads out loud and also loves to bury himself in a chapter book every week. I am thrilled that Chase was able to attend kindergarten at Growing Light Montessori. The higher learning education that Mrs. Martin brings to the program is limitless and she has enabled Chase to take what he has learned to new heights.

Mrs. Stafford, Mrs.Harrigan, and Mrs. Martin have each in their unique ways helped to complete our children in our eyes. We will always remember these special women and all of the unconditional love that they were able to give to our children. 
I will end this letter by quoting Chase. When he was five, we asked him who his best friend was, and he said, “I am my own best friend.” For us, as parents, that sums up what Montessori is all about. Thank You Forever!

The Boyd Family