All three of our children have now graduated from Growing Light Montessori! Our boys are now 15, 10, and 6 years-old and we have absolutely loved being a part of this early development program since the beginning years of this school. We have had the opportunity of watching Growing Light’s successful growth and have witnessed many families and their children benefit from this educational experience. Our children have walked into elementary school not only extremely academically prepared, but also with problem solving skills for social, mental, and emotional success. Children at montessori do not have class separated by age, but instead have experiences gained by mingling alongside children of all ages, thus learning to look up to others plus the important skill of being a good leader and example. Children here learn to respect the earth and study cultures and people. They learn how to be friends and say sorry. They study math and language as well as everyday practical skills. Perhaps the greatest thing we have appreciated all the years we have been involved is simply having the confidence that where our children are spending their day is an environment of love. The owners and all the teachers at this school have genuine, beautiful hearts and are committed to offering the children the absolute best experience in early childhood development.