We could think of no better place to give our kids a head start in life.  Our two sons attended Growing Light Montessori School for a combined eight years—from pre-school through all-day Kindergarten.  It was amazing to watch them grow from timid toddlers into confident leaders in the classroom thanks to Growing Light’s brilliant program and supremely talented teachers.

We are so thankful for how our children were safely embraced, nurtured, supported, and encouraged to grow by the teachers. Our children were excited to go to school and learn new things each day.  They developed very strong academic skills as well as invaluable life skills like how to use their words to communicate with their teachers and fellow students.

The combination of the Montessori teaching methods and philosophy, along with the extraordinarily talented teachers, has allowed our children to excel both academically and personally.  We feel like we received tremendous value for the investment we made in our sons’ education at Growing Light.  Thank you so much Growing Light Montessori!